News 30 ตุลาคม 2019

Silvano Battaglioa and his Malaguti Fifty ‘Mistral’

At 14, Silvano Battaglio’s friends were starting to get lost in virtual worlds. On his Malaguti Fifty ‘Mistral’, he knew the fun was here in the real one. Silvano’s Fifty Top made for beautiful company. With an abundance of youthful naïveté, they broke the rules together. At that age you just have a location in mind, and the dogged determination to get there. Whether that’s riding on or off the road, pulling wheelies and pushing limits… it was all a bit wild.

Produced from 1974 until 1997, the Fifty was more than just a Malaguti classic, it was a champion of the ’tubone’ style of moped that ran riot during the 80’s. Designed with style and versatility in mind, The fifty was a part of the gritty-underground, city-lifestyle that began to spill out onto the streets during that era.

Tubone mopeds are defined by their single-beam tubular frame, and were engineered this way to reduce production costs by taking advantage of the internal cavity of the tube as the fuel tank, coining the term ‘tubone’. Their stripped back engineering brought affordability to the moped market, making them an immediate hit with students and working class riders who loved their grizzly, no-bullshit image. By law, the Fifty was sold with a limit of 1.5HP. However, maverick riders began to ‘unlock’ them, increasing their engine power and torque, pushing the top speed to just over 80 KM/ H.

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