News 20 września 2021


Unique design and our passion for the brand makes every new MALAGUTI model desirable.

News 16 września 2021


Malaguti is a very special brand with a lot of history.

News 10 listopada 2020

Pedro and his Dune 125

Pedro did a four-day and 800 km long road trip through central Portugal with his Dune 125. Read here about his exciting solo adventure with many off-road tracks and incredible landscapes.

News 20 lipca 2020

Jorge and his MontePro 125

Follow Jorge on his 1050 km day trip to Lourdes, France with his MontePro 125.

News 16 lutego 2020

Kuba and his XSM 125

"We've almost clocked 10.000 km.. No rest for the wicked."

News 10 lutego 2020

The Motor Valley

Our Motor Valley neighbourhood is home to seven car manufacturers.

News 2 stycznia 2020

Asgar and his Phantom

When I’m riding my Phantom, it feels like I’m in another world.

News 16 grudnia 2019

Winter tips

Winter is making its way into first gear. Now is the time to prep your Malaguti for the harsh conditions coming over the horizon.

News 27 listopada 2019

Paul and his Phantom

Just me, my Phantom & the Piedmont Mountain range is all I need.

News 6 listopada 2019

RST125 Electric

The ELECTRIC RST is coming soon.

News 6 listopada 2019


The future is coming.

News 5 listopada 2019

The Spirit Of Bologna

The next chapter starts here. But the story of Malaguti, one of the great Italian motorcycle brands, began in 1930s Bologna, home to some of the finest cars and bikes the world has ever seen.

News 30 października 2019

Silvano Battaglioa and his Malaguti Fifty ‘Mistral’

At 14, Silvano Battaglio’s friends were starting to get lost in virtual worlds. On his Malaguti Fifty ‘Mistral’, he knew the fun was here in the real one.

News 23 października 2019

The next chapter continues…

And our story is only just beginning.

News 20 października 2019

The Motor Valley: Autodromo di Modena

The Motor Valley: Autodromo di Modena

News 1 października 2019

Dovizioso & Quartararo – Airbag data released

Alpinestars, the iconic Italian producers of motorcycling performance and safety gear, have released the TechAir data from the British MotoGP crash involving Ducati’s Dovizioso and Yamaha’s Quartararo.

News 20 września 2019

The Motor Valley: The Misano World Circuit

The Motor Valley, Emilia Romagna, Italy. Home to four world famous racing tracks. The Misano World Circuit

News 13 września 2019

Nick and his XSM125

Hello, I am Jesko from Germany and I was looking for a suitable Supermoto for my 15 year old son Nick for a long time.

News 26 sierpnia 2019

Joey Bex and his Malaguti Sportivo 50

Hi, I’m Joey Bex from Hasselt (Belgium) and my ultimate passion is vintage mopeds. A model I like very much is the Malaguti Sportivo 50.

News 14 sierpnia 2019

The Motor Valley: The Autodromo Riccardo Paletti

The Motor Valley, Emilia Romagna, Italy. Home to four world famous racing tracks. The Autodromo Riccardo Paletti

News 5 sierpnia 2019


The sporty shift motorcycles are expected to be available from summer 2019 both with road tyres and in the cross version.

News 20 lipca 2019

The Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna, Italy

The Motor Valley in Emilia Romagna, Italy. We’ve been part of the neighbourhood since 1930.

Discover Malaguti’s new generation.