News 16 december 2019

Winter tips

Winter is making its way into first gear. Now is the time to prep your Malaguti for the harsh conditions coming over the horizon.

If you’re using fuel that contains no ethanol, we’d recommend filling the tank up to the max to prevent any condensation and rust forming. Add fuel-stabiliser to the tank if you are using ethanoladded fuel.

You can keep your battery in the best possible shape by purchasing a trickle charger to manage it over winter. Simply starting up your Malaguti at intervals for a few minutes does
not do enough to charge the battery and circulate liquid.

We would advise against riding your motorcycle over winter, unless absolutely necessary. The freezing temperatures have an adverse effect on your tyre’s ability to grip the road, putting your safety at greater risk.

Although it isn’t a necessity, we would recommend changing the oil and filter after the winter break. Just remember to change both the oil and the filter when doing so.

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