News 20 September 2019

The Motor Valley: The Misano World Circuit

The Misano World Circuit (also known as the Marco Simoncelli Circuit) was designed in 1969 and held its first event in 1972.

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In 1989 the circuit found itself at the centre of controversy, when at the Nations Grand Prix, the majority of riders, upon inspecting the track deemed it too unsafe to ride on. Only 10 competitors chose to take up their positions on the starting line, with the favourites; Rainey, Sarron, and Schwantz taking their seats in the pits to sit out the race in protest. Pierfrancesco Chili won his only ever race that day, crossing the line to the sarcastic applause of the boycotting riders.

The circuit currently plays host to the San Marino and Marini Coast Grand Prix. Boasting an impressive 75,000 capacity and after numerous expansions, a track length of