News 13 September 2019

Nick and his XSM125

Hello, I am Jesko from Germany and I was looking for a Supermoto for my son Nick for a long time.

When he turned 15, we gave him a Dirtbike. He immediately liked its great sound and off-road capability and that’s how he discovered his passion for mopeds. It quickly became clear that his next vehicle would be a Supermoto.

In 2019 we went to a motorcycle show in Hamburg to look for suitable Supermoto for him. We visited countless dealers, but Nick always had some detail to complain about, he just hadn’t found his perfect bike yet. Either the headlight was too big, the price too high or he didn’t like the design.

So we drove home without having found the right bike. Then we tried to find a Supermoto for Nick via Internet and searched several websites.

And suddenly SHE was there, the Malaguti XSM125. Immediately he was enthusiastic about the bike. The cool design, the small headlights and the beautiful mirror convinced him immediately. Simply everything fit and the super price made the whole package complete. We ordered it and gave my son the best present he could image for his 16th birthday.

Since then he is super satisfied with his Malaguti XSM and rides and rides and rides…

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