News 20 July 2020

Jorge and his MontePro 125

1050 km on one day. Here is what Jorge experienced on his adventurous roadtrip with his MontePro 125.

Why did you make the trip?

Because it was a challenge, we always made the trip with big bikes and this year the challenge was to do it with a 125cc and the Malaguti Monte Pro 125 was the  chosen one.

Who made the trip?

My friends Alberto and Santiago with bigger bikes and me with the Malaguti MontePro 125.

What was the destination and how many kilometers did you go?

The destination was Lourdes in France and 1050 km were done in one day.

Why have you decided to go with the Malaguti Monte Pro 125?

Comfort, Reliability, super reduced consumption and above all agility and response of its engine.

What was the best part of the trip?

Going down the Port de Tourmalet, I was in front of larger motorcycles and curiously none could overtake me. That was pretty cool. And I was kind of surprised how fast we arrived – we marked the same time as with the big bikes. Moreover the views of Tourmalet were really impressive.

What is the next destination and what bike would you like to ride to get there?

I love challenges and riding motorcycles, so my next trip will probably lead to Andalusia. I am sure that I would be able to do the 2100 km with the Malaguti without any problem.

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