News 1 October 2019

Dovizioso & Quartararo – Airbag data released

Alpinestars, the iconic Italian producers of motorcycling performance and safety gear, have released the TechAir data from the British MotoGP crash involving Ducati’s Dovizioso and Yamaha’s Quartararo. Not only does it make for interesting reading, it shows how motorcycling safety, and the technology involved in keeping the sports riders out of harm’s way, is progressing at an exceptional rate.

When Quartararo’s traction control system failed to kick in on the first turn of the race, the Frenchman was sent skidding off into the gravel. His TechAir suit initiated inflation 0.060 before his impact with the tarmac, in turn preventing the rider from sustaining serious injury. Dovizioso, riding behind, could do nothing to avoid crashing into the back of the Frenchman, and was sent flying from his Ducati.

But here’s the fascinating part – the algorithm in the Italian’s TechAir suit knew not to respond to the initial impact with Quartararo’s Yamaha, instead, initiating inflation 0.150 seconds before a more serious impact with the tarmac. The technology prevented Dovi from sustaining nothing more than a slight concussion and brief memory loss. The Italian was released from hospital later that evening, a little bruised, but otherwise in good health. Which when you consider the nature of the crash, is a huge win for motorcycling safety and the technology involved in the sport.

Thanks @mulhollandcrew for the amazing photo.